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Upgrade your product skills in just one day.

10x more value
with 10x less effort.

Start creating actual value faster. 

Find out early what moves the needle. 

Focus on the big rocks, discontinue the rest. 

Our proven best practices to build digital products.


No more prioritization struggles

No more roadmaps

No more slow delivery

No more transparency gaps

No more useless features 

No more orphaned MVPs

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The Value Engine is a guiding frame that organizes the discovery and delivery work of multiple product teams.

We developed the Value Engine based on our own experience and worked with it already in multiple companies organizing product & and tech departments with more than 40 teams.

The Value Engine helps you to communicate more effectively and encourages an experimentation culture based on real customer needs

Guiding Principles


Fall in love with the problem, not the Solution

Often, we rush into developing solutions without critically questioning if they are the best way to address the problem. The Value Engine ensures that we invest time in a deep dive to understand the problem, preventing us from pursuing unnecessary or ineffective solutions.


Measure early in the process

Way too often we either don’t measure at all what the business impact of our new features are, and if we measure, we measure too late. With the Value Engine we can avoid situations where we invested months of development time, only to figure out later when the feature goes live that it does not perform.


It's a funnel, not a tube

Too often we only prioritize once at the beginning of an initiative and then develop everything. The result is tons of MVPs that are never coded properly because the next big thing is already standing in line. With the Value Engine we ensure that we stop developing what does not matter and have time to tune our solutions.


Upgrade your team in just 
one day.

Bootcamp Agenda

Part I 

  • What is a good vision and strategy?

  • How can you craft one? 

  • What are common pitfalls and how to avoid them?

Part II 

  • Why do metrics matter and how to set goals?

  • How to set good strategic goals? 

  • What are common pitfalls and how to avoid them?

Part III

  • Why do we often fail in execution? 

  • What does the Value Engine process look like? 

  • How can we implement it in practice?

  • What meetings, tools and artefacts are recommended? 

What our clients say


»At Tradebyte we need to organize over a dozen teams. We faced challenges such as missing transparency, long lasting discovery phases, not measurable results and huge technical debt. We introduced the Value Engine across all teams and departments beginning of 2023 and saw already in the first months a huge improvement in performance and transparency.«


»At Justeattakeaway we faced the challenge of organizing big cross-vertical initiatives that led to endless discussion and prioritization loops. With the help of the Value Engine, we made it clear to everyone in our team which initiative was in which state of the funnel and actively managed the discovery and delivery of huge initiatives across multiple teams. «


»The Value Engine allows me as Head of Product to easily create coaching opportunities with my team. I would have never thought how easy it can be to create a common way of working where my team feels empowered but still has enough guidance and structure to hold on to. Especially for our investors and leadership team the Value Engine creates transparency at any point in time.«


Online Bootcamp 

Book a slot in our next online training. Ideal for individual contributors or leaders who want to learn hands-on how to manage the full product development lifecycle better in their organization. 

Limited to max 15 participants.


€399 PP

Next online bootcamp:

In Person Bootcamp


Book a slot in our next in-person training. Ideal for individual contributors or leaders that want to learn hands-on how to manage the full product development lifecycle better in their organization. 

Limited to max 15 participants.


€499 PP

Next in-person bootcamp:
29.03.2024 in Munich


Tailored Private Bootcamp

Elevate your company's product management with a bootcamp specifically tailored to your team. We design the program to fit your current situation with hands-on exercises and dedicated exercises.


Participants aligned with you

upon request

Next online bootcamp:
upon request

Want to join the bootcamp or have a question before hand? Let us know!

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Your Trainers

Rainer Collet

Managing Partner and Co-founder at Value Rebels

Rainer has over 10 years experience as CPO and Product Leader for companies like zooplus, real-digital, Westwing, Otto and Breuninger. Rainer studied computer science and started his career as software developer and engineering manager before he found his passion for product management. As product leader he was responsible for product organizations with more than 30 teams. 

Sandra Hinz

Managing Partner and Co-founder at Value Rebels

Sandra’s background is in consulting & agile coaching. She found her passion for product management around a decade ago in the Agile Transition Team at Deutsche Telekom. Her strength is to connect people and manage teams. In the past 7 years she was a product leader at zooplus, majorly influencing and contributing to the success of Europe's leading online retailer of pet supplies. 

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