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Value Engine — How to empower teams to create business value fast

Are we delivering the right value to our customers?

Do any of the statements above resonate with you?

Many leaders and Product Managers are tired of the lack of value being delivered by their teams. It seems that in most companies it always boils down to endless (re)prioritization discussions, missing transparency on what is going on, slow delivery, unstructured discovery and even lack of feature adoption.

The Value Engine brings a solution on how to deal with those challenges. It is a step-by-step guideline to organize the discovery & delivery work of any number of product teams with the goal to generate more value with less effort.

Dual Track

The first important message is that the Value Engine is a DUAL TRACK process. This means: We do not only care about how to deal with the requirements that are already in the product backlog, but we care equally about how to fill the product backlog with the right things. Both tracks (discovery & delivery) run in parallel with the whole product team being responsible for both. Let’s keep this in mind when diving into each step.


The Value Engine is a funnel. Every step aims for reducing the amount of things we execute that do not have enough business value. We want to explore many potential initiatives in the beginning, throw away those with insufficient value as early as possible and only take the effort of the next step if we are still confident in the value of the initiative.

It is important to have a skeptical mindset here. Good experiments need to be designed in a way that they can prove our assumptions wrong. Do not try to validate the potential business value, aim for falsification. Ask yourself why it could go wrong.

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