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Empowered Product Teams

Empowering product teams is one of the most complex challenges for tech companies. It is only through a mindset of continuous inspection and improvement that such a change is even possible.

As Marty Cagan says in his Inspired book:

We need teams of missionaries, not teams of mercenaries. Teams of missionaries are engaged and motivated, having a deep understanding of the business context, and real empathy for the customer.

Innovation can only come from an empowered team. The outcomes that can be achieved by these teams usually mean the difference between your company staying relevant in the market or not.

In the Infographic below I give some suggestions on how I believe we can achieve this goal. I tried to make it concise and with enough room for each team and organization to put their own ‘flavor’ on it:

What is your experience with empowering teams? What other tips or insights would you have for empowering teams?


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