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Building a trust-based environment

Burning out, hating your jobs, losing creativity and motivation. Those who did not feel these symptoms at least once in their careers raise their hands!

Most of these symptoms can be related to a work environment that lacks trust, which usually comes from toxic colleagues, poor company culture, and a micro-management style.

I could write a long list of examples of toxicity or micro-management, but we all experienced those and most likely read tens of articles about it. So let’s focus on how to go from an environment where there is a lack of trust to a trust-based one.

Building a trust-based environment is hard and it takes time. Fortunately, there are a couple of behaviors and ideas that we can keep in mind that will surely help move the organization or team in the right direction.

In the infographic below I put together some of these aspects. Hopefully, it will generate some light for you. Project Aristotle by Google highly influences me. Their study focused on answering the question What makes a team effective at Google? and trust is a big part of it.

That is my take on a trust-based environment. But what kind of benefits can come from it?

Hopefully going in this direction, people will feel secure, empowered and of course, trusted. Through this powerful foundation, your organization can start enabling the high performance many strive for. This kind of environment is also connected to a higher retention rate and employee happiness which will most likely generate better results in the long run.

What other ideas or concepts do you believe it takes to create a trust-based environment?


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